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A Comparison Of Instagram And Snapchat

A lot of social networking apps copy and adopt the features and capabilities of Snapchat. Am pretty sure Snapchat doesn’t enjoy this. Instagram is also guilty of this as they have been adopting some of the distinguishing features of Snapchat from recently adding its own version of face filters and Instagram stories to providing vertical video ads. This has had a negative effect on the way marketers view Snapchat.

A survey carried out on social media revealed that 54% of the over 5,000 marketers polled usually use instagram while only 7% of them said they use Snapchat. 25% of the respondents stated that they use Instagram ads regularly, while just 1% uses Snapchat regularly. So, what are the unique benefits marketers can derive from Snapchat that Instagram can’t give them, and vice versa. Discussed below is a comparison between the social networking apps with an outline of some of their appeals.


Instagram's Audience Is Larger than That Of Snapchat


Usually, the clout of a social network platform is often measured based on its number of users. In this game of numbers, Instagram is currently beating Snapchat. Instagram announced some months ago that it had about 700 million active users per month. However, Snapchat hasn’t declared its number of monthly active users but it announced in May that it has about 166 active users in a day.

Although this is not an actual side-by-side comparison, the size of the audience on Instagram can be estimated by taking a look at its Stories feature. TechCrunch revealed that Instagram Stories has approximately 250 million active users in a day. This is a lot more than the total number of active users on Snapchat’s entire platform in a day. One of the reasons Instagram’s user base is higher is due to the fact that its conversion funnel is shorter.

The cofounder and CEO of Snaplytics (a marketing and analytics platform for Instagram and Snapchat Stories), Thomas Cilius said that the contents on Snapchat have almost no virality. This means consumers are less likely to see the Snapchat content of a brand unless they are using Snapchat and are following the brand already.

To get new followers, brands have to be in contact with consumers already and use other channels to create awareness about their Snapchat username. Those channels include other social networks. Things however get tricky here. Cilius explained that the brand has to be interesting enough for consumers to begin to follow it on Snapchat. What more, they need to already have an account on Snapchat. To increase their follower count, marketers can use other methods like deep-linking and Snapcodes, but these methods aren’t as effective. A report on Snapchat published by Snaplytics revealed that 64% of the new followers analyzed searched for specific Snapchat usernames, compared to 9% and 25% who used deep-linking and Snapcodes, respectively. On Instagram however, you can get followers by having users like your profile. He further explained that this is done after people have searched for the brand specifically, seen trending contents, or have browsed hashtags. Brands can also be discovered on Instagram by consumers through influencers.

Facebook Is The Owner Of Instagram

In terms of favorites, a lot of marketers have a keen fondness for Facebook. A study carried out by the Social Media Examiners shows that 94% of marketers polled declare they use Facebook regularly. In fact, about 62% of respondents say the most important social network to them is Facebook. There is definitely a reason for this. Facebook has a large targeting capability for its wide range of ad products and provides marketers with more effective performance metrics, compared to other online social platforms.

LeWinter says, “In terms of APIs and tools they provide, the most developed social platform right now is Facebook”. She also says agencies and marketers feel very comfortable using the tools of Facebook due to the longevity of the social network. However, it has also had a few measurement problems in the past.

As Instagram has been acquired by Facebook, it takes advantage of these already established targeted advertising capabilities. The chief product evangelist for Socialbakers (an analytics solution and social marketing provider) says marketers can create ads on Facebook and run them seamlessly on Instagram. This gives marketers the chance to broadcast their targeted ads on two social networks with huge audiences at a time. If you want to know more, visit instagram


Snapchat Users Doesn't Have To Fight Too Hard For Viewers

The two social platforms serve different purposes. Cilius says that Instagram is mainly used by people to follow friends, influencers and brands, while Snapchat is a great platform for communicating with peers one-to-one. Cilius explains that this can work in the favor of marketers. On Snapchat, if a person follows a brand, that brand will become part of the person’s “exclusive club”. This means the competition for eyeballs will reduce and the odds that consumers will engage with the content of a brand will increase.

Snapchat Embraces Authenticity

Although Instagram is a great platform to share curated and edited content on, the content on Snapchat is however more authentic.“Contents shared on Snapchat are posted in real-time”, Cilius says.


This way, brands are given the opportunity to produce genuine content and appear more human. Example of which is Stories about workers at their many companies, Velasco says. Before, Snapchat is mainly seen as an app for teens. A survey reported by Business Insider revealed that 39% of about 5,000 teens surveyed said their favorite social networking app was Snapchat, while 23% said Instagram was their favorite.

It however seems teens regularly use both apps. According to the study mentioned earlier, 81% of the respondents say they regularly use Snapchat every month, while 79% of them said the same about Instagram. It also seems that Snapchat is attracting older people. Another survey by eMarketer revealed that the number of older consumers using Snapchat has began to grow rapidly.